Victory condition:

After the air raid, one warehouse contains
Mat:15(30) Chem:5(10)
20H (45H)
Mat:5(10) Chem:5(10)
10H (22.5H)
Mat:5(10) Bio:10(20)
10H (22.5H)
Mat:5(10) Chem:15(30)
15H (33.75H)
Production mode:
Directive 0
Directive 1
x1 time
but have x0.4 cooldown on making same item
x2.25 time
x2 resources
produces 2 units at a time
An urgent message from the HQ!
"Our defensive line is shrinking day by day, and if this trend continues, our only way to survive is to make it through the siege until reinforcements arrive. To do that, our people would need supplies. Director, you are hence tasked with preparing and hiding those supplies in the warehouses that are indicated in this message. We understand that your recourses are limited, therefore prepare what you can. However, keep in mind that some of those supplies are vital and are required for us to endure this siege.
P.S. Beware, the enemy got a hold of coordinates to one of the warehouses, and it is unknown which one was exposed. Be ready for anything."

Produce supply for the battlefield before the enemy's air raid strike us!

You start with a specific amount of material, food, and chemical resources.
Select directive 1 or 0 to and click to start queueing the factory to produce the equipment.
When the timer ends one warehouse will be destroyed by enemy's air strike. If by then the safe warehouse contains the correct amount of equipments, you win the game.